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System V&V Solutions

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An automated fault injection testing tool is used to deliberately introduce
faults, allowing for the inspection of control system's normal operation.

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Test Case Management, AutomatedFault Injection via Test Scenarios

Providing test case management functions and various types of automated fault injection methods

Defects are automatically injected during testing initiation through pre-registered test scenarios, allowing for monitoring of state changes.

Test cases can be automatically generated using the test case import function.

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Real-time monitoring of the system's state valuesand verification of the operation of safety functions.

Monitoring the status of task scheduling and the values of variables while executing test scenarios (presented as real-time graphs).

Determining the success of fault injection, fault detection, and recovery in real-time monitoring.

Assessing the proper functioning of safety features and automatically generating reports.

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A tool for measuring software safety through timing
analysis and measurement of resource usage.

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Real-time Resource Usage and Timing Measurement

Real-time CPU/memory usage measurement

Real-time analysis of OS scheduling information and measurement of timing elements

Inspection of resource usage and timing violations

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Setting Constraints and Providing Snapshot Graphs

Management of performance constraint information related to resource usage and timing

Automatic generation of snapshot graphs in case of constraint violations

Support for analyzing timing execution status using snapshot graphs

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A tool that improves ROM data quality and verification
efficiency through ROM data validity checks.

aesop 이미지

ROM Change Analysis

Quickly compare values and logic changes with various comparison target ROMs at a glance

Support for analysis through visualization of detailed result graphs with comparison targets

For each EMS model, create a predefined list of ROMs to compare for consistency, and then automatically conduct verification by only changing the ROMs that need inspection.

Comparing interpolation data and generating new interpolation data based on the axis of the reference ROM for comparison (bidirectional: main ROM <-> reference ROM).

Concentrated support for working on specific parameters is provided through the task label group function.

Generate detailed Excel reports on changes

Automatically detect label anomalies that exceed a certain threshold level.

Automated verification ensures consistent specification options while creating a standard specification option database for each vehicle model.

aesop 이미지

Failure Risk Inspection

Inspection of violation signals and failure codes that exceed threshold values by analyzing measurement data from actual tests

Quick filtering of violation signal list from the entire signal list

Quick analysis through graph visualization of each violation point and segment

Detailed Excel results report generation for violation signals.

Failure risk inspection based on OBD Excel documents [Failure codes (signals), thresholds, failure entry conditions, debounce time]

Report a violation when the threshold is exceeded during the debounce time after entering a failure monitoring condition.

Report as a failure risk item if the threshold value is exceeded by a certain percentage or if it returns within the threshold level before the debounce time.

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An automated tool for easy evaluation of controller network specifications for everyone.

auto 이미지

Key Functionalities

Automated test case generation function

Test procedure execution and automated evaluation function

Automated generation of customized user-specific result report function

auto 이미지

Intuitive Failure Cause Analysis Function

When the analysis function is used for failure items, test oracle information is provided.

Easily analyze the causes by comparing expected values and measured values on the Test Oracle screen.