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Model V&V Solutions

Verifier 이미지

An automated tool assists in dynamically verifying models
through processes like generating test harnesses, simulating
tests, comparing results, and measuring coverage. It supports
model rule checks effectively.

Verifier 이미지

Easy Test Case Editing

Providing a test case editor in Excel format.

Convenient auto-fill support through drag.

Providing the function for bulk modification of signal data.

Verifier 이미지

Model Coverage Measurement

Measurement of a total of 13 types of coverage including Decision, Condition, MC/DC, Lookup Table, and more.

Visualizing and presenting the measured coverage on the model.

Supplying coverage details through interconnected model-linked dialogue boxes.

Inspector 이미지

A tool that aids the process of statically verifying models
by automatically checking standard modeling rules, simplifying
the identification and correction of breaches, and providing
model quality indicators.

Inspector 이미지

Support for Extensive Rule Checks

Supporting 656 industry-standard modeling rules to enhance software quality.

Inspector 이미지

Detection and Automatic Correction of Violations

Offering a user-friendly violation tracking window that simplifies the identification of breach locations in the model.

Easily and quickly auto-correctable with just one click.