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Future Technology V&V Solutions


A tool that enhances reliability and improves the efficiency of automated
specification evaluation through automated testing of vehicle infotainment systems.


Automated Input Control and Specification Verification Determination for AVN Terminals.

Providing API for terminal control and execution consistency verification automation through various methods.

Reusing test scripts through resource management for different vehicle models (images, text, etc.).

Support for C/C++ language test script development environment (Python and Java environment support planned).


Connectivity Automated Testing

Automated testing for vehicle external connectivity (enhanced automation of tests through connectivity features like Bluetooth/Android Auto/CarPlay, as well as control over USB Selector and Power Supply).

Automated testing involves evaluating specifications of a vehicle's internal network interconnections. This includes simulating control units like the cluster, air conditioning, RRC, RSPA, USM, and AVM through CAN signal inputs, and subsequently confirming the outcomes of these executed processes.


A tool for conducting objective and efficient testing of ADAS
and autonomous driving functions based on data.


Data-driven Verification Process

Collecting real vehicle and simulation test data, and conducting verification through iterative data analysis in the laboratory for various scenario verification.

ROS Message, Apollo Message (CyberRT Message), UDP Message, CAN, CAN-FD, externally mounted sensor (Camera, Lidar, IMU, GPS) data collection and time synchronization

Providing timeline-based visualizations (Video, Point Cloud View, Graph, Map)


Scenario/Fault Exploration Automation

Automation of exploration through filtering function

Support for data-based condition search

Creation of filters possible through comparison of data values and combination of complex script conditions

Providing the ability to navigate through filtering results

Providing the ability to automatically generate verification results


A tool that enhances software productivity and verification efficiency
through simulation testing using ECU virtualization technology.


Controller Virtualization

Creating virtualized ECU binary (DLL) files that can be loaded and executed on a PC using controller software source code and platform-related reference information.


Virtual ECU Simulation

Capability to load and execute virtual ECU binaries on a PC

Virtualized input and output functions for analog, digital, and CAN signals that do not require the hardware devices needed for real signal input and output

Support for FMI standard for plant model interconnection

Support for interconnection of test automation tools that comply with the ASAM XIL standard and interconnection with vehicle networks


A simulation verification automation tool that addresses existing test environments
and issues through the development of driving scenarios, virtual vehicle
testing, and driving environment tests


Virtual Driving Map/Scenario Development

Application of simulation map/scenario standards such as ASAM OpenDRIVE and OpenSCENARIO

Providing maps, tools, and services for creating digital twin-based virtual maps and scenario development.

Performing autonomous driving algorithm verification for general driving situations and edge case scenarios in conjunction with the digital twin map.


Virtual Driving Simulation Verification

Inputting driving scenarios through the configuration of virtual maps, surrounding environments, initial values, paths, and more.

Generating virtual surroundings such as maps, surrounding vehicles, weather conditions, and surrounding objects based on driving scenarios.

Performing simulation driving and verification by inputting sensor data from the virtual surroundings into the customer's vehicle model.


Cybersecurity quality assurance tool that detects faults
through fuzzing verification and enhances the detected content.


Automotive Controller-Specific Fuzzing

Effectively detecting unknown vulnerabilities through the application of a fuzzing oracle system tailored to the characteristics of automotive controllers.


Reproduction and Visualization of Derived Anomalies and Vulnerabilities.

During verification, efficient analysis of faults through automatic/selective reproduction of derived anomalies and vulnerabilities.

Derived fault data can be visualized in graph form for confirmation.