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static 이미지

A tool that automates checking domain-specific coding rules,
helping to reduce static analysis time and make defect fixing easier.

static 이미지

Coding Rule Inspection

Automated domain-specific coding rule inspection

Detection of runtime errors

Detection of runtime errors

static 이미지

Easy and Fast Fault Identification, Correction, and Management

Identify a fault's location, Engineering change

Provide guidance for quick search and correction through fault filters

Manage fault progress tracking

tester 이미지

A tool for automating unit and integration testing that can
measure all sorts of code coverage required by standards.

tester 이미지

Execution of Unit/Integration Tests and Coverage Measurement

Possible to automatically create and customize tests

Possible to measure statement, branch, function, function call coverage, as well as MC/DC

tester 이미지

Test Reuse for Regression Testing

Providing convenient features for reusing tests after the source code has been changed

cover 이미지

A data-driven test coverage measurement tool that supports both enterprise and embedded environments

cover 이미지

Measure Test Coverage Without Changing the Development Process

Automatically measure coverage during testing and view it on the web

Insights from a administrator’s standpoint on projects, teams, and tasks, along with a developer/QA perspective on source code and functions.

cover 이미지

Easy Coverage Measurement for Prepared Embedded Environments

Coverage measurement QuickGuide is embedded for 16 types of development environments

Utilizing patented source code probing optimization, easy implementation on embedded devices.

Offering measurements for international standards of 8 categories and reliability testing for national defense.

vpes 이미지

Tool for automatically monitoring test outcomes and generating outputs throughout the entire process of software safety testing.

vpes 이미지

Support for the Entire Stages of Reliability Testing

Support for every step of the reliability testing process, offering guidance tailored to each stage of the process.

Verification of compliance and consistency with DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) standard formats and document integrity.

Support for performing reliability tests and automation.

Easily Accessible through Tutorial Video Integration

vpes 이미지

Automatically Generate Deliverables

Automatically generate and download 11 types of reliability test reports

Managing individual and integrated aspects of outputs

Support for Hangul, Excel, and Word

v_spice 이미지

Support for A-SPICE certification preparation involves integrating standard processes,
securing standard deliverables, and utilizing traceable tools, all aimed at making
sense within the American context.

v_spice 이미지

A-SPICE Process Support

A-SPICE certification support without complex ALM tools, offering guides and support functions for certification in each segment.

Providing output templates and integrating testing tools to automatically generate documents.

Comprehensive configuration history management and project-specific baseline management.

Review management for each activity.

Resource and schedule management based on WBS.

v_spice 이미지

Traceability Support

Diagramming traceability between deliverables

Provide bidirectional trace coverage

Visualization of N:N tracking relationships - Identify inconsistent or missing items through the provision of tracking relationship tables.