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Introduction of Test Report Services

What is KOLAS International Accredited Testing Institution?

An internationally recognized accredited testing institution by KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme), acknowledged for meeting all the requirements stipulated by the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 for testing organizations.
Suresoft was designated as an internationally accredited testing institution by KOLAS in April 2013.

Recognized Fields03.012 Electrical testing, Software testing

Scope of RecognitionCWE 658(Ver 4.11) | CWE 659(Ver 4.11) | EN 50128:2011 | HIS Source Code Metrics(Ver 1.3.1) |IEC 60880:2006 |IEC 61508:2010-Part 3 | IEC 62138:2018 | IEC 62279:2015 |ISO 26262-6:2018 | KINS/RG-N08.18 Rev.1:2016 |MISRA C:2012 | MISRA-C++:2008 |RTCA DO-178C:2011 | US NRC RG 1.171 Rev.1:2013

What is KOLAS Accredited Test Report?

KOLAS Accredited Test Report is a credible test report issued through fair and objective testing based on ISO/IEC international standards.
Suresoft Technologies Inc. issues KOLAS Accredited Test Reports through fair testing procedures by KOLAS accredited test professionals.

    Issuance of General Test Reports

  • Testing based on government R&D quantitative goals (function/performance) and customer requirements.
  • Static and dynamic testing based on standards/specifications according to customer requirements, in addition to applicable standards/specifications.
  • Enhancing credibility through third-party testing and issuance of test reports by accredited testing organizations.

    Issuance of KOLAS Accredited Test Reports

  • Static and dynamic testing services based on testing specifications recognized by KOLAS, applying international standards/specifications related to SW testing.
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Test Report Usage

Usage of a KOLAS Accredited Test Report

KOLAS Accredited Test Reports can be utilized in all areas where quality assessment of products and services is required.

Government-supported R&D project results evaluation
SW quality assessment for packages and embedded SW
Quality evaluation for information systems inspection
SW quality assessment for procurement and bidding
Quality assessment for global market expansion
For PR & Marketing

Why Suresoft?

  • 1st

    Providing prompt issuance services
    considering the client's schedule

  • 20

    Providing reliable services
    with 20 years of expertise.

  • 1st

    First internationally accredited
    testing organization recognized by domestic
    software companies (2013~)

  • 600

    More than 600 test reports
    issued cumulatively