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The logo of SureSoft

The logo of Suresoft has been crafted to visually capture new values that represent
a specialized company in software safety. Designed with a trendy and modern concept,
this text-based logo embodies the unique brand identity of Suresoft and carries
an emotional touch in its design.

Imagine a cool design inspired by the beak of a woodpecker. Just like how
a woodpecker finds tiny bugs on trees, this design symbolizes a software
specialist company that's determined to uncover the 'minor flaws'
in software, similar to finding those bugs.


The design, only half open, represents the spirit of preserving
the essence of technology that creates a safe world, even amidst
technological innovation in the digital era.

We used a deep blue color to add a sense of trust and expertise
to the forward-thinking and innovative blue color scheme,
symbolizing future orientation and innovation.


Software Automation Solution Line-Up

End-to-End V&V
Code V&V Solutions
Model V&V Solutions
DX Solutions
DX Solutions Future Technology
V&V Solutions