Smart Factory

smartFactory_3Recently, in order to innovate the productivity of mass production and to satisfy the diverse requirements from consumers, the manufacturing industries aim to introduce a flexible production system personalized to a customer, more enhanced than a small quantity batch production system. At the same time, it is the convergence of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) and manufacturing that has been paid attention to. Many countries are promoting the national strategies concerning ‘Smart Factory’ to strengthen their manufacturing competitiveness in the worldwide market. US NNMI(National Networked Manufacturing Innovation) policy announcement, Industry4.0 strategy of Germany and China’s “Intelligent Manufacturing 2025″ are examples.

Republic of Korea is also promoting to construct 10,000 smart factories in the year 2020, as a part of the national strategy “Innovation 3.0 of the Manufacturing Industry”.

In order to transform an existing factory into a smart factory, Suresoft Technologies Inc. provides a total solution including monitoring an environment, interlocking the devices and SQ(Supplier Quality) business support system by connecting POP/MES and various sensors(IoT).

What is Smart Factory?

smartFactory_4By means of real time analysis of the data collected from sensors (IoT) installed on the equipment and machinery, in a smart factory we can optimize the resources of the manufacturing plan, monitor all situation and even make a decision based on the data in the real time manner.



The necessity of introducing quality management solutions

To correspond to SQ certification

- SQ Certification Support for Hyundai-Kia Motors and Hyundai Mobis
- Corresponding to the quality control standards at the time of delivery to the customer
- System management to meet the acceptance criteria

Real-time monitoring

- Real-time monitoring of plant equipment
- Respond quickly to defect or failure of equipment
- Interlock (equipment control) function

Spill prevention of defective products

- To prevent Miss from inadvertent worker, F/Proof Implementation
- To detect mistakes
- To improve work safety
- To minimize company losses due to reduced failure rates

Quality Management Solutions

Monitoring and interlocking

- To collect and analyze, in real-time, the data from sensors (IoT) installed on the production equipment.
- Monitoring the current state of the plant based on the data analyzed in real-time.
- As a results of monitoring, when a problem occurs in some equipment, to prevent the production of defective products using the interlock.

SQ business support systems

- You can easily manage the day-to-day maintenance history, the basic data and the test results.
- You can observe the obvious tasks, such as raw materials management, equipment management, quality inspection and mold management.
- You can manage interlock precaution to facilitate the corresponding SQ certification. (Equipment stopped, if out of SQ preconditions).

POP & Touch terminal and backbone links

- Production performance can be easily managed via POP system.
- You can easily set first/mid/final scan and can manage the rogue registration details via Touch devices.
- The input data through the Touch terminal of the site in conjunction with the SQMS, information management, such as workers and information of material input is useful, not running history, Poor product information.

Quality management consulting

Suresoft Technologies Inc., provides, as well as smart factory building solutions, consulting services to support the smart factory quality management and SQ certification for Hyundai-Kia Motors and Hyundai Mobis.