Solution R&D

Each industry has unique requirements that necessitate different methods of software  development and testing. We provide specialized tools for each industry based on our domain expertise.

Industry Optimized Solutions

Suresoft Technologies, Inc. conducts R&D based on industry requirements to provide the best solution suitable for each industry including test automation and testing services.

Industry Experiences


We research and develop software testing solutions that meet the requirements of ISO 26262, the international functional safety standard for road vehicles and the new emerging issues about software quality.

Nuclear Energy

We provide software solutions to ensure safe operation at nuclear power plants, carefully weighing their potential to significantly damage the environment and human life in the event of a malfunction or natural disaster.


We are an active member of an effort to localize SW quality-related localization of products that were previously supplied only by foreign countries.


We design and implement SW safety testing methods for the commercialization and export of locally manufactured, high-speed trains.


We provide quality software solutions for financial institutions as they upgrade to the next generation of service.

Smart Factory

We provide building solutions (Quality Management System) for improving manufacturing quality through quality control and productivity.

New Research Fields

We continue to do research in the communications, electronic devices, security, and gaming industries to produce top-flight safety and quality software solutions. Please contact Suresoft Technologies Inc. to discuss SW testing issues relevant to your industry.