Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant’s Instrumentation & Control (I&C) facility is responsible for running and controlling the plant’s operations, resulting in ever-increasing software usage. And because of the inherent risks to human life and the environment that can occur in the case of an accident, construction of a nuclear plant and its technical aspects are managed, developed, and validated by very strict standards, including industry laws and control instructions. Suresoft Technologies Inc. provides a software validation and testing service, which is complied with the criteria of related laws, controlling instructions, and international standards, over the overall software development lifecycle.

Support Automation Tool

The following automation tools support software testing that meet the previously described requirements.

Code  Inspecotr

Automatically inspects the source code quality according to the U.S. NRC’s NURGEG/CR-6463(Software Review Guideline).

Controller Tester

Automates the unit (component) testing and integration testing on the software produced with C/C++. Also provides the test integrity matrix including statement (block) coverage, branch coverage, MC/DC.

Development Process Consulting

The development of nuclear power plant I&C software requires a specific development process that Suresoft Technologies Inc. provides guidance for, along with multiple software developments process to comply with national and international safety requirements.

Our Guide Services at Establishment Step of Development Plan

Help to establish and create plans related to software management, development, quality assurance, checking and validation, integration and installation, and configuration management.

Our Guide Service at Design Step

Provides guides for software requirement specification method, design specification method, and the drawing up of related documents. We also provide guides for source code development that comply to the NUREG/CR-6463 standard.

Our Guides at Validation and Testing Step

Help to test software and write relevant documents, including testing plans, descriptions, procedures, and result reports.

Our Validation Services

Suresoft Technologies Inc. offers the independent verification & validation and test services for developing the I&C software that complies to laws and controlling instructions. Our primary goal is to provides these services from the initial development phase to software approval by controlling bodies, such as the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) and US Nuclear Regulation Commission (NRC).

Test Process Consulting

We offer guidance on how to conduct testing, as well as how to prepare software test-related documents according to IEEE Std.829.

Independent Verification & Validation

- Validation of Documents: We ensure all documents in the software development process conform to instructions provided by the NRC and KINS and also validate the documents based on IEC standard requirements.

- Validation of Source Code: We validate whether source codes comply with the NUREG/CR-6463 standards and any additional regulations.

- Unit(component) and Integration Testing: We conduct the test of the minimal component unit or function unit along with testing integrated module. We basically apply the white-box test method, which means reviewing an application’s structure and internal mechanisms with supplying the targeted test coverage to provide a higher level of test integrity.

- System Testing: We provide the black-box test based on the characteristics of a system and the specification of software requirements.

Industrial Specialty Tool

PLC Tester

This tool supports testing automation for a program for POSAFE-Q, which is the safety level PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) developed and supplied by PONU Tech Co., Ltd.