SW Testing of Finance Industry

Customer awareness of security and technology has increased the importance of software testing in the finance industry, leading to increasingly stricter tests and more use of automation tools for large-scale system integration.
Introducing a test automation tool delivers quality stabilization through the creation of more test cases and performance of more testing activities.

Support Automation Tool

Code Inspector

Source code static validation support tool that can form and apply a rule set that meets the domain standards of industries such as banking, credit cards, insurance and securities.


Optimal tool for measuring test integrity if components have been outsourced.
The Cover maximizes its own efficiency by automatically detecting changes in source codes to maintain the measured values of code coverage, except for parts that have been altered.

Message Tester

Message-based test tool that can validate various data by supplementing a screen-based function test tool.

Our Validation Services

Validation of Source Code Quality

Supports the detection of potential source code errors based on the static validation tool.

Measurement of Source Code Based Test Integrity

Provides information on efficient test case creation to a developer or tester, and suggests a clear test-closing standard to a quality control organization.

Industrial Specialty Tool

Tool for Insurance Product Development Validation

Supports the validation of the product’s factory information needed for the initial launch and renewal of insurance products. Also supports validation of the simulation of subscription business development. Helps reduce lead time for product launch and life cycle.