Third-party verification

What is an Independent Verification & Validation ?

This service is independent from the software development organization that analyzes whether the software has its necessary characteristics such as the specification, function, and reliability, and that reviews if these characteristics meet the requirement of a customer.

Purpose of Independent Verification & Validation

Guarantee high quality software through a systematic quality assurance process.
Satisfy client requirements for quality assurance.
Obtain the international certificate, such as ISO 26262 and DO-178B/C.

Our Independent Verification & Validation Services

Suresoft Technologies Inc. provides the following independent verification and validation services:
Validation of Document Validates all documents developed during software development process based on the international standards.
Code Optimization Optimizes and refines the software structure.
Code Inspection Validates the potential risk factors of software codes.
RTE (run-time error) Validation Validates the run-time risk factors of a software.
Unit Test Validates the functionality and reliability of software units.
Integration Test Validates the functionality and reliability of interface among software units.
System Test Validates the functionality and reliability of the software in system.
Validation of Conformity Validates the logical conformity between the model and code of a model-based developed software.