SW test Process Consulting

Overview of Test Process Consulting

Test activities are progressed over all phases of software development process.

For a successful project, it is necessary to efficiently execute various test activities from the definition of test requirements at a requirement step to the static validation of codes, and the unit, integration, system, and acceptance tests.
Suresoft Technologies Inc. consults about test processes from the establishment of test strategy throughout the planning and execution phases of the software’s life cycle.

Description of Test Process Consulting

Establishes a test strategy optimized to fit the specifications of the project and product.
Supports the specific planning and preparation for each test.
Analyzes and provides an improvement measure for the current test method.

Our Test Process Consulting Services

Establishment of Test Strategy Supports the establishment of a test strategy optimized to the characteristics of project and product.
Mentoring for Test Documentation Provides a test plan, specification, procedure form, and case suitable for a project, plus the guides for documentation preparation
Support of Test Process Improvement Analyzes the current test process, procedure, and tool to improve the overall testing experience