Certification Support

The increasing demand for electrical and electronic devices has brought
with it a high demand for reliability of systems. Each industry and
its customers require the certification of safety standards for each
industry for the purpose of assuring the reliability of products.
The acquisition of such a certification by minimal costs and periods
should be entailed by professional services. Suresoft Technologies Inc.
responds to the requirements of customers rapidly
and accurately through various experiences and solutions related to safety

Services Specializing in Each Industry

“V&V service business headquarters” of Suresoft Technologies Inc.
uses the previous certification application experiences and specialized
solutions to provide certification acquisition support services for vehicles,
nuclear powers plants, airborne system, and railways, based on requirements
from each industry.

Our Service Areas and Related Standards

Vehicle ISO 26262
Nuclear Power KINS License, IEC 60880
Airborne System DO-178B/C
National Defense The Instruction Manual for Acquisition and Management Practice of the Weapon System Embedded Software
Railway EN50128 (IEC 62279)