Accredited SW Test

Accredited as the Certified International Test Lab.


Suresoft Technologies Inc. was accredited as a certified international test lab. in June 2013.

The accreditation of a certified international test lab. is a system run by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(hereinafter, called, KOLAS) in Korea, and it can issue and circulate an internationally recognized accredited testing report through the agreement between the international accreditation bodies.

This time accreditation of the test lab was achieved according to the ‘ additional technical requirements for the software laboratory accreditation’ firstly established in 2011, and is recognized as the first accreditation case as a Korean private SW enterprise, providing an opportunity of upgrading the testing level of our company one level higher.

Issuance Standard of Internationally Recognized Accredited Testing Report

The testing standards that enable our company to issue the international recognized accredited testing reports are:

Classification of Tests

3. Electricity test/3.012 Software test

Test Standards
MISRA-C:2004(Gudielines for the use of the C languget in critical systems)
This is a standard established by the UK’s Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA). It defines coding rules for the vehicle softare that manufacturers must comply with.
The Code Inspector checks to see if a lient’s source code violations MISRA-C:2004 and issues results in an internationally recognized accredited testing report.
Paragraphs, 8.4.4, 8.4.5, 9.4.5, 10.4.6 of ISO 26262-6:2011(Road vehicles –Functional safety — Part6: Product development at the software level)
ISO 26262 is a vehicle functional safety standard established by the ISO(International Organization for Standardization).
Our company executes the unit testing and integration testing using the Controller Tester and Test Monitor, and also measures the source code coverage (statement, branch, function, and function call) required by ISO 26262, issuing the result in the form of internationally recognized accredited testing report.