CodeScroll™ Cover

Unparalleled Code Coverage Measurement Tool

While it’s recommended that software undergo multiple rounds of tests during its development, tight release dates don’t always allow for that. In such cases, Cover is the ideal alternative, allowing to digitize an uncertain test level and to secure a base about test quality requirements that adhere to recognized industry standards.

Through a perfect automation, all processes of code coverage measurement can proceed without involvement of a user, and a user can concentrate on a test without a burden from the use of the tool.

Cover enables you to measure a test quality by using the number, and to accurately find a point for which the test is not enough.

Main Functions

Support of coverage measurement on C/C++, Java languages
Perfect Automation: Automates all processes from the build for measuring coverage to renewal of coverage after execution.
Coverage Measurement Overhead of Highest Level: Causes only 0~ 10 % of overhead compared to a non-measurement case.
Measurement of Various Code Coverages: File, function, statement, branch, MC/DC, function call, and entry/exit
Minimization of Test Repeat: Maintains the coverage of unchanged factors.
A Variety of Visualization: Provides various visualization methods such as source code indication, TreeMap, history graph, and coverage distribution.
Rapid Checking of Large Measurement Data based on Web: Unnecessary to install an additional client.
Large Applicable Environment: Windows, linux, UNIX(HP, IBM, SUN and etc.), embedded O/S, and non O/S
Response to Distribution Execution: Supports auto monitoring of an environment where a build server and execution server are distributed.

Main Screens