Testing Tool R&D

Research on Software Testing Technique & Automation

Software used to be available only on a computer or online, but software is now installed on other devices to enhance consumer and industrial sector convenience. Accordingly, the need for capable software testing to detect bugs before products hit the market has also increased.

This is particularly true in the case of software embedded in service vehicles such as railways or airlines, where malfunctions can cause casualties and large-scale damage.

Suresoft Technologies Inc. established the Research Institute of Software Test Automation to research how to automate software tests.

Software tests are typically difficult to perform and take multiple attempts to successfully execute. The Research Institute of Software Test Automation developed the CodeScroll™ product set. Despite this success, our research department is continuing to perform R&D to not only maintain this high level of performance, but also to continue developing and supplying products that keep our customers’ software running smoothly, efficiently, and error-free.

Static Analysis on Source Code

Analyzes software source codes to detect potential program bugs. The strength of this method is that it can easily be applied early in the development phase.

Code Inspector

Inspects source code based on established coding rules and provides information on any violations of applied rule.

SW Dynamic Test

Detects errors that occur while the software is actually running. This test catches errors as they occur and can be utilized as part of a unit test, an integration test, or a system test.

Controller Tester

Supports both a unit test and an integration test. Also provides a test case auto-generation function and code structure analysis function to support test coverage.


Measures the test coverage, determining if enough tests were performed to produce a reliable evaluation of the software.

Message Tester

Used to test if a system is properly functioning in relation to entered messages, by inputting a large quantity of test messages. This tool is in high demand for testing financial institutions’ critical systems.

SW Quality Control

Quality Scroll

Enables software quality transition to be checked by continuously measuring the software’s current quality while it is in the development process.