CodeScroll™ SNIPER


Sniper is a static code analysis for detecting run-time error.


Static code analyses or static analyses are the software verification operation for analyzing source codes in order to improve quality and reliability. And unlike different verification techniques, it allows user to analyze them automatically without executing some program or making test cases.

Sniper can detect Overflow, Division By Zero, or Run-time Error such as Null pointer reference.

It analyzes the source under verification and provides the results with various charts and graphs.

And it supports various development environments (compiler etc.) and can reduce considerably the verification time by fast environment settings.

SNIPER Major Funtions


Symbol Search

We provide function of symbol search for various symbolic information in text editor. You don’t need to use CODESCROLL with another IDE any longer

Defect Trace Engine

We provide defect trace engine to specific representation for defect. So you can recognize cause of defect, then you can find false alarm faster.

Auto Classification for False alarm

Don’t worry about which check defect first. We sort defect automatically possible false alarm.

Various Analysis Options

We povide various set of options for program compexcity, analysis time, precision. You can set options simply.

Possible Inspection Defect

Optimized inspect to runtime error occrred while program running

Runtime Error

Dectect critical runtime error

Arithmetic Error

Dectect arithmetic for complex arithmetic, implicit conversion of type

Memory Error

Detect memory error like Memory leak, Invalid Memory Deallocation, Null Dereference

Array Bound Error

Detect especially critical software security error like Buffer Under/Over flow