Quality Scroll DashBoard is a tool that was produced to give answers to the following questions.

Are our company’s softwares being developed at the highest quality level?
What will be a quality deviation among our company’s softwares?
What softwares, modules, and files will need to have the more quality control attention paid to them?
Which of our developers are designing the highest quality of software?

Product Uses

Contrinuously monitors the status of software’s quality to ensure a smooth transition.
Provides clear quality indexes and scores regarding software qualities.
Effectively visualizes the software quality measurement data to provide variety of analysis results.
Supports prompt decision-making through easy analysis of the current status.

Main Functions

Displays the transitions of quality measurement results and changed measurement results of a project-file.
Automatically collects and displays validation results through Controller Tester / Code Inspector
Generates user-defined formula for comprehensive quality measurement.

Main Screens