CodeScroll™ Message Tester

Tool for Automation of Message-based Function Test


Message Tester is a useful tool for the following validation functions.

Validating a processing program based on inputted messages, regardless of the current stage of development or User Interface (UI) modification.
Validating the processing of transactions between programs or systems that do not need UI.
Stabilizing a system quickly by validating input of various data.


Main Functions of Message Tester
Analysis of Message Structure
Analyzes a message form to produce in its structure and method to drive it, Drives a message through tool customizing.
Auto Creation of Message Test Data
Automatically sets a message form by communicating with database(DB).
Automatically creates the test data from the message log DB(or file).
Provides a function for combining various test data.
Provides a function for dynamic creation of test data.
Auto Execution of Message
Repeated message executions (unit test)
Sequential execution of multiple kinds of messages (integration test)
Bulk testing of large test data
Batch execution (regression test)
Comparison and Analysis of Results
Provides the displayed message.
Automatically formulates comparison between expected and actual results.
Compares between previous and ex-post DB information
Management of Test Product
Stores and shares test cases and execution results for each unit test, integration test, and bulk test.

Product Characteristics and Praise

Dynamic Creation of Test Data
The function of dynamic creation of test data enables a test case to be repeatedly used without correction once it is created.
Uses various functions to generate test data dynamically to meet a condition when the test data are executed.
Test Case Auto-fit in the case of Message Change
Automatically detects if there is a case where the message structure is changed during development and running processes.
Auto-fits so that already accumulated test cases can be reused.
Bulk Test Function
Enables the test for securing functional safety through large test data to be executed.
Uses the useful information of AS-IS system as test data.
Combination of Various Test Data
Enables complicated test data to be generated easily by combining previously secured individual data.
The diversity of test data is suitable to the important business testing.

Product Concept Map