CodeScroll™ Controller Tester

It is difficult to test an embedded software in a target environment.
It requires much cost and know-how to establish a test framework automated to meet the target environment.
In addition, more efforts are needed due to factors changed according to a target environment. Controller Tester helps you test an embedded software easily in a similar environment to a targeted environment in a host environment.
Also you can execute all steps from the test design to the creation of test code and data, execution and coverage measurement only by several clicks.

Is your embedded target environment changed often or are you supporting various target environments simultaneously?

Cotroller Tester supports various target environments.
It enables auto code conversion so that you can easily run softwares operating in respectively different target environments.

Do you want to automatically execute easily even a test designed by yourself?

Controller Tester provides an editing function that enables an intuitive test design.
Even a user unskilled about coding can design a test freely only by several UI clicks.
In addition, a developer experienced in coding can edit automatically created test codes easily.

Do you want to use the big data, which were applied in a real environment, to a regression test?

Controller Tester also has the capability to incorporate big data into its testing functions.
Controller Tester also enables hundreds of test cases to be executed in minutes.

Controller Tester is all ready for your test automation!