CodeScroll™ Code Inspector

Code-Based Auto Inspection Tool

Code Inspector is a code-based auto inspection tool that provides information about possible errors as well as insuring that software is in compliance with international standards such as MISRA and ISO 26262. Code Inspector is ideal for building rule sets that conform to the coding guidelines of your industry, business, or organization. If your company does not have established coding guidelines in place, our professionals can assist in this process and help you build your own coding standards.

Quick, Easy Inspection for Coding Guidelines or Standards

Establishing guidelines for code compliance using Code Inspector carries many advantages

Guarantees that source code developed by multiple developers is kept at an acceptable level of quality.
Easy to read code helps developers make quick adjustments to software written by other developers.
Protect from the most small mistakes caused by carelessness or typos that can turn into large-scale problems.

However, it is true that in spite of the effects, the need to validate the compliance with a coding guideline through code review among developers which requires too many personnel and times to give much burden. Also there will be surly an error that can be missed when inspected by naked eyes.

However, if you use Code Inspector, you can conform to the coding guideline without such difficulties to be able to enhance your code quality.

Please safeguard your source code safely by several times of simple click!

Supported Rule List
MISRA C:2004 (scheduled to be supported, MISRA C: 2012)
MISRA C++:2008
Sun Code Conventions for Java
Android API
CERT-C, Java
The C/Java Secure Coding Guide of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security
The C/C++ Software Coding Rule of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration

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Code Inspector analyzes the source codes produced in the C/C++ and Java languages to automatically check if the source codes violate a previously defined coding rule and to report this data complied with the international standard (IEEE 829: Standard for Software and System Test Documentation). The code metrics and function call-graph produced by the analysis can be used in producing further source code.